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Steel Building Erecting Ontario

Design and Permit Service

With years or construction experience Prestige Steel Building Erectors can help you design and purchase a steel building that is ideal for the use its intended for.  With numerous steel buildings that have been erected across Ontario we can take you to previous jobs to come up with design ideas to help finalize the perfect design for your upcoming project.   Prestige has directly assisted in the design of buildings used for hockey arenas, airplane hangers, boat storage buildings, auto repair facilities, waste disposal facilities, residential garages, warehousing and manufacturing facilities and many more.   One benefit to using and experience steel erector for metal buildings construction is their knowledge of ways to minimize extra costs.  This will ensure the design will be cost effective.

Prestige Steel Building Erectors also offers a permit service which can help make a time-consuming process more stream lined to simplify the building permit process.  We put together the permit package with all required information for the submittal of the steel building permit.  This includes foundation drawings, engineered building drawings, commitment to review, and all required certificates.  Our experience in the process will help ensure the permit is released in a timely manner so your steel building foundation can be in as quickly as possible.

Once the building permit is released the construction of your new steel building can start.

Ground Work, Steel Building Engineered Slabs and Full Foundations

When installing your new steel building one of the most important part the ensure it is done properly is the ground work.  All organics must be removed before you place and properly compact the granular under the pad, grade beams and footings.  This is an important part of the steel building construction process as improperly compacted fill can cause the buildings engineered foundation to shift or crack.  Prestige Steel Building Erectors can help you with this process to ensure your steel building foundation is installed correctly minimizing the risk of future complications.  This is one of the reasons to ensure you hire a reputable Building Contractor not just the lowest bidder.  Prestige has erected many steel buildings that can be reviewed across Ontario.

We Specialize in the design and installation of engineered slabs or floating slabs.  These types of foundations are economical and heavy duty.  90% of Steel buildings are installed on this type of foundation if they are 60’ wide or less.  Engineered slabs usually have a 24” perimeter grade beam that transitions to a 6” floor slab.  After the slab is poured it is saw cut to encourage when the concrete cures and shrinks any cracks go to the saw cuts.  Prestige does also offer full frost wall foundations, pier foundations and heli-pile foundations which are ideal for situations where the metal building needs to be erected without a floor slab.  Such as a barn or riding arena.

Full Steel Building Erection Services, On Site Assistance, and Steel Building Inspection Services

Prestige Steel Erectors specializes in the building construction of the shell of your steel building.  With our many different steel building installers, each crew specializes in a different type of steel building erection ensuring the type of building you are constructing is erected in the ideal way for building use.  Our experienced steel erectors will walk you through any questions about the steel building installation process.

Prestige Building Contractors also offers on site assistance for the experience building contractors that are less familiar with steel buildings.  For a minimal cost, we will send in our steel erectors for a day to assist in the erection process and answer any questions about the installation of the building.  This allows building contractors to efficiently erect the Metal building themselves.

When a home owner decides to sub out the different portions of the building construction themselves they can save money but it can also cause a lot of head aches.  Prestige Steel Building erectors offers a steel building inspection service that helps the eliminate a lot of those risks.  Being familiar with the costs Prestige can help you set up a safe payment schedule to the building contractors you hire while performing quality control inspections before payments are released.  This is important as most complications that arise from an improper building installation are not seen and can cause major issues down the road.  Such as roof and eave leaks.







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